merk: Hisense
telefoon: Tel: +44 (0)115 8248811
website fabrikant:
adres: Hisense B2B Europe Beechavenue 139, 1119 RB Schiphol-Rijk, Netherlands
garantie: Hisense B2B Europe guarantees the proper functioning of its original products(here in after referred to as: "products") in full for the period indicated for each product(warranty). For all products this period is, three (3) years and for some products five(5)or one (1)years, in accordance with the relevant local legislation and the European Directive 1999/44/01, unless expressly stated otherwise. The guarantee is valid from the first date of purchase. The guarantee of Hisense B2B Europe covers only manufacturing defects. Hisense B2B Europe presents itself liable for free service or, if service is not possible, replacement of the product under warranty, which is solely at the discretion of Hisense B2B Europe utilizes a nationwide network of authorized service centers and in a professional and fast service to its distributors, system integrators and resellers of its products. The guarantee is not valid in the following cases: • If the defect (in any way) is caused by misuse, neglect, alteration, improper adjustment or modifications to the appliance; • If changes and/or services to the product are carried out by persons not authorized by Hisense B2B Europe • In case of service caused by incorrect and/ or incorrect installation in the operating environment; • In the event that the serial number of the product has been removed; • In case of malfunctions and/ or damage caused by additional equipment with which the product is used or associated with and which hare not supplied or recommended by Hisense B2B Europe. Hisense B2B Europe uses a strict warranty policy on their products. To qualify for these warranty conditions, the following should be consulted: • Proof of purchase (not handwritten) • product-and/or model number; • Serial number has to be provided.
service: RMA Procedure: Hisense B2B Europe applies the rule that defective products returned in all cases; • The RMA procedure applies to the following situations: • Reporting and returning of DOA products; • Reporting and returning of products with direct Swap service; • Reporting and returning of defect products which are not (within reasonable costs) can be serviced Returning of damaged products (only after approval by Hisense B2B Europe Service Department) An RMA should be requested via E-mail: • RMA forms a real so available the above email addresses; • Hisense B2B Europe will send a confirmation within 24 hours of the RMA request (if the RMA request is complete); • The client shall ensure that the RMA is attached on the product before shipment; • After receipt and inspection of the returned product by the central warehouse of Hisense Europe B2B or ASC, • A creditnote against the last known purchase price of the product will be made or a new unit will be provided.
DOA: An RMA should be requested via E-mail: